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Welcome. I have been making jewelry since December, 2007 and strive to make them as professional as possible. Natural gemstones have imperfections which can make them unique. The coloring of the stones are in different hues depending on the mineral content and location. If an item is sold and if I have additional gemstones available, I can make another for you or something similar. If an item is too long or short, it can be changed to your desired length for a small charge.

Keep in mind if you have a high acid system, sweat can ruin the finish on silver & gold plated beads.
Sweat & perfumes can change the color and finish on some stones & gems.
This is definitely a problem with pearls also. Chemicals in perfumes are
damaging to pearls and shell and should NEVER come in contact with the necklaces.

For more information, read this article on proper care:Cleaning & Storage

In the descriptions are the folklore, myth and "said to be" healing properties.
This is NOT to be consider as medical advice!
Myth is derived from the Greek word mythos, which means "word of mouth."

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